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Carte Blanche: A Quarter Century of 
Wine Tasting Diaries and Cellar Notes
1974-1999. (Excerpts below)

This major new work by wine connoisseur
Albert Givton is in the form of a truly handsome hand-stitched book (8 3/4" x 11 1/4" x 2") with a full-coloured hard cover of more than 700 pages including photographs of some very memorable 
people, wines and events. A valuable reference for
years to come as well as an entertaining and 
informative read for collectors and professionals.

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Turnagain Enterprises Ltd.
#601 - 1401 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6H 1H6

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Please see below for excerpts from Carte Blanche.


Do Come Back! A bientot!

Excerpt 1: - California Rareties 

Excerpt 2: - 1970 Bordeaux

Excerpt from the Introduction 'From War to Wine', 

Carte Blanche, 1999
About Albert Givton