Detail from the Back Cover:
Excerpt from the Introduction "From War to Wine",
Carte Blanche, 1999

Albert Givton is a wine passionate and collector, and Vancouver businessman, who has published both a book and a well-known newsletter prior to his major new work, Carte Blanche: A Quarter Century of Wine Tasting Diaries and Cellar Notes 1974-1999 (Turnagain Enterprises Ltd., Vancouver, Canada 1999). He launched the private and elite wine tasting club called "Le Tastevin", headed the Vancouver chapter of the Commanderie de Bordeaux from 1988 - 1997, and is an honoured member of this and many other international wine societies. In his lifetime, he estimates that he has tasted over 60,000 different wines. 

Previous Publications:

The newsletter, The Wine Consumer, which appeared quarterly from 1985 to 1990, was renowned as a trenchant, often controversial commentary on the international wine community and its products. Albert Givton’s first book, called Wine Wise (Brighouse Press, Vancouver, Canada 1988) was focussed on the industry as it pertained to British Columbia, Canada at the time, and was in many ways a
derivative or extension of the newsletter.

Albert Givton has over the decades contributed to
many international publications devoted to the 
appreciation of wines, including Decanter Magazine
and The Underground Wine Journal.

The book 'Carte Blanche'

Recent Interviews,  Events etc.