Chicago Tribune Dec. 15, 1999
from "Toasting a Bumper Crop of Wine Books" by William Rice:
"A connoisseur of keen sensibility who has no ax to grind shares his reactions to wines great and small (well, mostly great) tasted over 25 years."
California Grapevine Dec.1999 - Jan.2000, "In the Wine Library", by Bob Foster

"...This is a fascinating account of decades of wine dinners and wine events. Highly recommended."

Bill Nesto's Books About Wine, Sept. 2001
From (Massachusetts Beverage Business):

"The author begins with autobiographical information which helped me get a sense of his personality, making his tasting diaries and cellar notes more believable. The first entry in his diary is February 4, 1980, the last is June 24, 1999. Interspersed with tasting notes are passages describing incidents in Givton's life. Givton's clashes with Michael Broadbent and Clive Coates are candid and amusing. He fondly talks about Pascal Delbeck, whose warnings about the standardization and industrialization of the wine industry Givton takes to heart. In the Cellar Notes section at the end, Givton collates his tasting notes by specific wine. Here the reader can read Givton's assessments of the same wine over as much as a 20 year period. Givton's engaging personality, his candid comments, and the enthusiasm and passion which emanates from his wine notes, keeps this book from being an exercise in narcissism. "Carte Blanche" should interest wine collectors. It will amuse and inform members of the wine trade."

The Underground Wine Journal Dec. 1999, "Recommended Reading":

"...His tasting notes are quite extensive and his comments on the people involved will hold your attention. The author has many prestigious wine titles, awards and achievements and pulls no punches in his critiques of the leading wine experts of the day. In his introduction to his book, Givton makes some very interesting comments on his involvement in the Israeli wars, having lived in Jerusalem at the time.
Carte Blanche is a unique book and without question, belongs in the library of all wine aficianados."

Albert Givton is a longtime contributing editor to both The Underground Wine Journal and Rarities.
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Other Comments and Feedback:

Review by William Spohn

Received from Domaine Rousseau, May 2002: 
"Dear Mr. Givton,  My father and I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful book we received a few days ago. Your book must have represented a lot of work! It shows a great knowledge of main wine regions - and of growers too!, and presents a history of the last 20 years of wine which is very interesting, very well documented, and passionate at the same time. With our renewed thanks for expressing your love of wine in such a beautiful way, Best regards, Corinne Rousseau

"..I don't know of any other tasting record so meticulously kept and so eminently publishable. I shall browse in it and refer to it as I work (work, indeed!) through my own cellar"
                                                                                                             Hugh Johnson, Essex, UK

"The buzz on the Vancouver wine scene this fall is about a provocative new book by Albert Givton, one of the most knowledgeable, uncompromising and opinionated wine tasters in this or any other city."
                                                                                    John Schreiner, The West End Times,Vancouver,Canada
                                                                                        (see also

" This book is a 'monument' and I am amazed by all your tasting notes, references and comments on wines from all over the world. It is going to be one of the greatest reference books of our time."
                                                                                         Mme. de Lencquesaing, Chateau Pichon Longueville

"for serious collectors of Bordeaux and premium Napa Bottlings, Carte Blanche should  prove to be a valuable resource..."                                                                                            Tim Pawsey, Vancouver Courier
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